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The Midnight/MU Library
M/MU Wiki The Midnight/MU Wiki (still Work In Progress...)
Introduction The introductory manual by Skulrin Bait (David J West)
Manual Kaylor's "Totally Unofficial Guide to Playing Midnight/MU". The "War and Peace" of Midnight/MU! (~5MB)
Also includes excellent notes by Soiram as an appendix.
Guide Soiram's short Guide to Playing Midnight/MU.
MUCM v2.0.1.0 The Midnight/MU Campaign Manager for .NET-enabled PC's (e.g. Windows XP). A great tool for tracking your armies, especialy useful when playing multiple games at once! Written by Chris Wild.
MUCM Manual How to configure and run MUCM. Written by Chris Wild.
(X)HTML Maps A Zip archive of maps for the existing scenarios. Thanks to Chris Wild for permission to include the graphics
Shields Instructions on how to personalise your character to have their own shield
Shield Design The Grand Gimpster, head of the Guild of Shieldsmiths, divulges some advice on how to create your own masterpiece...

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