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Please sign up to our forum to arrange games 31 Jan 2018
As a reminder for any new users or those thinking of signing up, PLEASE register on the forum as well (forum.midnightmu.com) and please say hello there. Your welcome will be a warm one and you will receive invitations to join new games.
? Posted by: Celebaglar
A Happy New Year to all travellers in Midnight/MU lands 31 Dec 2017
On behalf of the M/MU team, I would like to wish all our players and visitors a very Happy and Prosperous New Year! It promises to be an interesting one.
? Posted by: Celebaglar
Midnight/MU is NOT dead (yet) 13 Apr 2017
A new revision of Midnight/MU is currently in development. Expect it when you see it, hopefully towards late summer or early autumn. More details can be read on the forum.
? Posted by: Celebaglar
Council 2017, Slovenia 06 Dec 2016
Spreadsheet available, see the first post.
? Posted by: Matija
Littlenemo 31 Oct 2016
Christophe, rest in peace.
? Posted by: Matija
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