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Home page minor changes 18 Dec 2023
I have removed the Moonring links as they were all pretty much expired and when selecting list sites it was going to some site for real estate or some such. I have also removed the charity links which nobody clicked on AFAIK
? Posted by: Sparrowhawk
Minor bug fixes applied 04 Dec 2023
A couple of small bugs fixed. Still working on those CurrentLord related ones.
? Posted by: Sparrowhawk
Mismatch Library issue resolved 02 Jun 2023
Thank you to dev and ops teams ;)
? Posted by: Sparrowhawk
Library mismatch issue 02 Jun 2023
Investigating why - sorry about the annoyance (probably due to recent server upgrade/switch)
? Posted by: Sparrowhawk
Server Move 01 Jun 2023
I've just been notified that our service is being moved to a new server - today! There may be a little outage.
? Posted by: Merlin
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