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Change of wind force 29 Dec 2020
An experiment to make it as it used to be. Please, report any errors at the end of turn processing immediately.
? Posted by: Matija
The Brave Warlords html map 22 Oct 2020
I added The Brave Warlods (by Ur) to html map package that can be downloaded under Documentation.
? Posted by: Matija
Virtual meeting 14 Sep 2020
A virtual meeting is planned for Friday 18th. See under Midnight Council - Folkestone.
? Posted by: Matija
Game updated to v1.6 25 Jun 2020
The update of the game engine to v1.6 is complete. Please report any problems in the forum's Bugs section. Thank you for your patience.
? Posted by: Celebaglar
Game site update imminent 14 May 2020
I have scheduled a game site update for the early hours of Sat 16th May 2020. This should fix some bugs and replace a significant amount of obsolete code.
? Posted by: Celebaglar
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