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Service Update 19 Aug 2019
The tentative fix for the random logouts has not worked, so back to investigating. Please bear with us!
? Posted by: Sparrowhawk
Service Update 18 Aug 2019
Tentative fix for random log outs is now in place. Please report any further logouts in te forums if you experience any.
? Posted by: Sparrowhawk
Service Update: server issues 09 Jul 2019
Please note that the game is currently experiencing server issues (random log outs, 503 errors). These are being looked into, but it may take a little while for them to be resolved.
? Posted by: Sparrowhawk
A note to new players 02 Apr 2019
Remember to register on the forums - you will be able to organise new games much more easily there, as well as pick up lots of hints and tips on how to play.
? Posted by: Sparrowhawk
MidnightMU to be ported to PS4 and XBox One 01 Apr 2019
We are pleased to announce that following an agreement with a leading AAA game studio, MidnightMU is to be ported to to PS4 and XBox One. More details to follow soon
? Posted by: Sparrowhawk
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