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Links to articles or reviews about, or referring to Midnight/MU
Yahoo Review A review of Midnight/MU by Chris Wild, author of the classic DOS conversions of Lords of Midnight and Doomdark's Revenge and of the wonderful "The Midnight Engine". Many thanks to Chris for his kind words.
Retro Gamer Issue 5, released in July 2004, of this UK-based magazine (print, not web-based!) has half a page of M/MU stuff including screenshots of v0.1g (beta), as part of a wider LoM article by Chris Wild. Scans of the article are available here
RGCD Issue 4, released in December 2007, of this UK CD-based magazine has a very positive review of Midnight/MU in its Extras section. Well worth downloading for a read from here.
Bug The October 2005 issue of this Croatian magazine has a single screenshot of M/MU as part of a wider LOM article

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