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Privacy policy

MidnightMU.com will not make public any of the personal details that you submit to this site, nor use it for any purpose whatsoever other than for the running of the online games themselves. Your details will not be passed on to third parties, except where we are obliged to do so to comply with legal or judicial obligations under the laws of England and Wales.
You will not be spammed (sent commercial junk-mail) from this site. If for any reason you do receive unsolicited emails from this site, please use the contact page to inform us, with the word "Abuse" in the Subject field.
You may however receive occasional e-mails from the System Administrator, for example (but not limited to) to warn you that the site will be closed for upgrades, or that a game you are participating in has had to be closed for technical reasons.
If you have selected to receive e-Mail Alerts, then you will be sent automated messages whenever someone invites you to participate in a game, or when it is your move to play in any given game. You may change this option by logging in and selecting the "Details" option from the Members page.

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