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Copyright Information

The original "Lords of Midnight" and "Doomdark's Revenge" games are Copyright © 1984-85 Mike Singleton - Images and text used throughout this site that formed part of the orginal games are therefore also Copyright © 1984-5 Mike Singleton and are used with permission
A few smaller graphics were found on the Web without specific copyright information. This includes the dragon banners that frame the main view, which have been modified, recoloured and rotated. If these images are subject to copyright, please let us know and we will remove them
Wayne Britcliffe has provided a set of images for female characters, both riding and on foot. These include female Free, Foul, and Targ, as well as female Fey and Shareth on foot. These images are Copyright ©2003 Wayne Britcliffe and are used with permission.
Igor Bijelic, Fernando Santos, Bill Hoggett, Matija Vidmar, Mads Jørgensen, Marco, Alice and Ady Z. have provided additional graphics.
The remainder of the site is Copyright © 2006 MidnightMU.com. This includes all of the code*, some of the images, the game data (where not covered by above copyrights), and other miscellaneous items.
Versions of Midnight/MU prior to 1.2.0 were developed by and Copyright © Jean-Yves Rouffiac. Jean-Yves has graciously assigned all forward rights to MidnightMU.com and the community.
  * Excluding the randomPassword() function which is courtesy of Evil Walrus, the JavaScript BrowserDetect by Chris Nott included under the Creative Commons License and the overLIB JavaScript library by Erik Bosrup included under the Artistic License.
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