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Midnight/MU is a traditional turn-based wargame with a fantasy theme in which up to eight players compete either individually or as a team to be declared the rulers of the land. Each player starts with one avatar or character who will represent him or her in the game. This character must be kept alive at all costs while first recruiting vassals and then engaging in combat with the enemy. The surroundings are viewed from the point of view of each character so learning to recognise terrain features is highly recommended and the more vassals one recruits, the better the chance of victory.

Each player can have several active games on the go, and there are several scenarios to choose from, ranging from the tiny introductory "Sun's End" to the latest huge newcomer "The Rift". Scenarios based on Mike Singleton's classic 8-bit games "Lords of Midnight" and "Doomdark's Revenge" are amongst the most popular.

Midnight/MU is entirely free to play and we are committed to keeping the site free of intrusive advertising.

If this sounds like a game you'd like to try, please register both on the game site and the forum using the same login name and post an introduction on the forum after which you will be invited to take part in training games to get used to the game's controls. 

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