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A number of people have made this game a possibility. Here are our thank-you's... (in no particular order)
  • Mike Singleton - author of the original Lords of Midnight on the ZX Spectrum computer. Some twenty years on, his game has survived the tests of time and remains the ultimate gaming experience.
  • Jean-Yves Rouffiac - author of the original Midnight/MU. Special thanks to Jean-Yves for everything he did to get Midnight/MU to where it is today.
  • Developement Team - Charles Barratt, Bill Hoggett, Oliver Mason, Alice Neville, Henning Møller-Nielsen, Jean-Yves Rouffiac, Gareth Waters, Matija Vidmar, Chris Wild
  • Special thanks to - All involved in the Midnight/MU Community for helping to make the game the fun experience that it is. After all what would a game be without its players.
  • Even more special thanks to - Igor Bijelic (Perun), Wayne Britcliffe (Valen), Fernando Santos (Ringthane), David Degnan (Freiegeister), Mads Jørgensen (Natmus), David J West (Skulkrin Bait), Marco (Loderon), Ady Z. (Kabukin) and Peter Armstrong.
  • The Alpha & Beta test teams - who have turned the workings of the game inside-out, trapped the bugs, made great suggestions.
    In alphabetical order: Alidriel, Celebaglar, Dai_A_Bolical, Freiegeister, LadyHawke/DarkLady, Lanark, Marie, Matija, Merlin, Natmus, Perun, Premis, PrinceGaz, Queex, Ringthane, Shendemiar, Skulkrin_Bait, Stevie, Sparrowhawk, Taeorn, and Valen (let us know if we have forgotten you!)
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