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Lords of Midnight
Yahoo eGroup Public forum for the discussion of all things LOM related (including sequels, new versions, etc)
The Icemark The site that has it all! History, manuals, DOS & Windows versions, programming hints, etc Also home of the splendid Midnight/MU Campaign Manager that allows you to plot your progress off-line
The Frozen Empire LOM remake for the 21st century - this looks so good that you'll want to eat it :)
The Lost Realms Another delectable remake - at this rate there won't be any room left for pudding!
Marshall Lords A great Java-based game with a new plot and characters - go on, spoil yourselves
Midnight Flyer You want more?! Here you go, a DirectX, native Windows version with updated graphics - nice!
Pocket Fuel Lords of Midnight on PalmOS - in colour. Yummy.
Lair of the Dragonlord Home to many LOM related projects, and features the quite wonderful UniMapGen for creating scenarios for various LOM-inspired games, including M/MU
Gaz's Gadgets Gaz's conversion for the Psion 3a - all features are implemented, plus a couple of new ones thrown in for good measure. This has kept me busy on many a train journey down to London :) A Revo version is planned...
Java LoM Davor's native-Java version for browsers or mobile phones
Karl L. Mitchell Run the DOS conversions under Linux using Dosemu - ready-made packages available
The Moon Palace Tools and scenarios for LOM and DDR
LOM online Play the Spectrum original online in a Java-based emulator applet! Also other classics such as Elite and Ant Attack
Hawkmoon's Nest Peter Lomax's LOM site - you can download MP3's of the original DDR audio story tapes here!
Midnight Wiki Midnight-related fiction and more
Java LOM, Chapter The Second! Another JAVA port of Lords of Midnight, by Keith Jones
Kaylor's Forest This reclusive Fey is the author of the Unoffocial Guide to M/MU
The Hall of Virtuality Wander through Midnight and the Icemark with these online graphic engines. No gameplay, simply move about and explore the lands. Useful for beginners who are learning their way around.

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