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What is it?

Midnight/MU Campaign Manager is a support tool for playing the Online Multiplayer game Midnight/MU. It is intended to be used like a war board. You get a top down map with lords and armies on it.

At the start of the game you have your lord on the map, and all other NPC lords on the map are in their correct position... (this data is not coming from the server so new characters and change positions etc have to be modified outside of the program or while playing)

Your opponents are at the side of the map.

As you recruit lords you can assign that lord to yourself.

As you suspect a lord has been recruited by your opponent or in fact you run into them! You assign that lord to your opponent. You can add garrisons and assign them.

At any stage you can drag the lords around the map.

This allows you to get a build up of how "you" think the game is looking.

eg. If you get some guidance saying Xajorkith is at the citadel of dawn; either drag Xaj to the citadel or goto the citadel and insert the lord and he will be move automatically.

If you see an army in the distance and you have no idea who it is, you can insert and army onto the map to at least record the position until more detail is obtained.

You can give every lord a target. So you can either drag the target to a intended destination, to remind you what you are doing with that lord, or assign a target to an opponent lord so that you can guess at what they are trying to do.

The tool grabs data from the server for your game and your lords allowing your information to be kept automatically up to date. Obviously not such information is available for you opponents.

The tool also has IE built in, so you can login and play your game from within it. This also allows for some other extras like lord selection from off the map etc...

The tool is a dot net app. So unfortunately you need that installed... but anyone who wants to take it to another platform, the source is readily available.