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The Map Screen




The map window is the area that most of the action will take place. You will firstly see a map of the scenario you are playing.

At the beginning of the game this will be populated by all the lords available for recruitment. These lords are represented by their shield. When the shield is not know or has not been downloaded then they will have the default ?? shield.

These lords will all be marked as neutral. All kings have a player colour that will be displayed behind any counter marked as belonging to them. By default, your colour is yellow.

Your opponents kings will be placed in the top left of the map, and your king will be placed in your starting location.


- Selecting a counter -

Left clicking on a counter will make it the selected counter. When this counter is selected you can perform multiple options on it depending on its type.

You may select multiple counters by SHIFT clicking on each counter in turn. Or your may select multiple counters by dragging a selection rectangle on the map which will select all counters that fall in that area.



You may have to be careful with selecting the last counter in your selection as to make sure it has been actioned correctly.

Actions that can be performed on one counter may then be performed on multiple. NOTE: Where counter types differ you will only be presented with the options that are common to those counters.


- Counter Actions -

If you right click on a lord counter you  will be presented with a list of options available to this lord.


The first few options will be the Kings in play for this game, they allow you to quickly assign the lord to a king.


The delete option will remove this counter from the game. If you delete a lord you must you the Place Lord Here option to return them to the map. Other deleted items are lost.

Add Target

Adding a target to a lord allows you to show where you are intending this lord to move to, or where you expect your opponent to move it to.

A target graphics is places on the map and joined to the counter by a dashed line of the colour of the counters king. You may drag the counter or the lord around the map.

If you have more that one counter selected when you add target then all counters will share the same target, allowing you to move one target around for multiple counters.

Delete Target

If a counter has a target, the delete target option will be available.

If multiple counters share the same target, then deleting the target on the counter only removes its link to the target. If the target has a chain of targets then the whole chain will be deleted.

Insert Target ( on targets )

You may select another target and place a target before it. This allows you to chain targets together.

Unlink Target ( on targets )

Unlinking a target will remove the target and automatically assign the next target in the list as being the next target.


Marking a counter as old allows you to indicate that you may not know the correct information about that counter. Either it has been many days since you received the information placing that lord at that location, or you don't actually know where the are.


When a counter is marked as locked, the locked indicator will display against the counter whenever it is selected. A locked counter cannot be moved around the map. This is particularly useful when you  have bunched lords at a location and you wish to spread them out for easy viewing.


If one of your lords dies, they will be left in the location where they died but their shield will be replaced with a skull. You may use this option to mark your opponents lords as dead.


When Midnight/MU is being played through Campaign Manager you may select the counter on the map, and this will change to the view of that counter in the main game window.


Selecting the properties allows to to set information about the counter.


- Map Actions -

Right clicking on the map without a counter selected allows you to perform actions to the map.


Add Army

Adding an army will place an army counter on the map. You may wish to do this when you can see an opponents army in the distance but have been unable to gather information about them, or for recording information about your opponents garrisons. NOTE: Your own armies will be placed on the map on your next game turn, so you do not need to place them on the map yourself.

Add Pin

Adding a pin to the map allows your to record comments about a particular location. You may wish to use this for location of fairies or even just form comments about a particular area of the map. You may assign a graphic type to the pin in order for it to represent different things. Pin, Fairy, Horses, Wolves. You may also uses the short cut add option for these items.

Add Caravan

Caravans work exactly the same as army counters.

Place Lord Here

Placing a lord is a quick way of moving a lord counter to a particular location.

Say you gather information from a seek at a tower, you can move directly to the location mentioned and add the lord to the map. The lord is then move to the given location.

You select a lord off the Selection Lord dialog which list all lords with their shields. NOTE: Placing a deleted lord back on the map will undelete them.

Select Area

Selecting and area will highlight all locations with the same domain name. Selecting the same area again will unselect it.


Main Menu Options

Find Lord

Find lord brings up the lord selector dialog and the centres the map on the lord flashing his counter at the same time.

Find Place

 The find place dialog allows you to select an area on the map, just like select area or type in partial information to find a particular place.

Type a phrase into the search text box and then click he > button, this will list all matches. Select the match you want from the list and then click show. The area will be hilighted and centred in the map view.

Lord Filter

The lord filter allows you to toggle watch information is show on the map view. You can toggle on/off the displaying of any 'players' lords and information. You may select a criteria for the courage and strength.

View Grid

View grid turns the grid on the main map window.

View Races

View races shows the lords as their race rather than as their shield.

Snap to Grid

Snap to grid aligns any moved counter to the map grid.