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**NOTE** Before installing any new version, please remember to backup your campaign directory!

Version 1.77 Download

Added scrolls as a pin
Added experience
Added Export/Import - still needs work
Added Strength to Caravans
Added better naming to Garrisons
Added names to all objects
Added map scale to generic config and campaign
Added editing of names for objects other than lords
Changed defaulted shields to .png rather than .gif
Changed save commands only available when campaign loaded
Changed map scales only available when campaign loaded
Changed the config name for CheckForShields and DisableMUButtons to make sure everyone gets the new defaults
Fixed journals etc giving an error when not connected.
Fixed crash caused by localisation

Version 1.76 Download
Added initialising of hours in the constructor
added min check for hours when reading in
fixed target crashing problem
fixed caravans not getting selected or moving
added time to caravans
fixed lords no longer getting deleted
fixed map view jumping around
added select current lord button
recent file list now cleans itself if campaign files are removed
added marking on recent file list to show games which turn is available
games no longer try to fire up in browser if not the players turn
changes to player shield and name should now ripple through to existing games
the day a lord/king dies is now recorded
the day a lord dies can now be applied in the properties
lords who should have reverted to neutral (based on kings dead day) show a blue ?
lords with targets now update correctly when moved in the game window
disable mu buttons is now on by default (although it may slow the main window down! )
add info pages to screen selector

added Lost City Map - without lord placement

Version 1.74 Download
fixed dead lords always displaying
fixed none flashing lords
fixed docking/resizing problems
time icon is now only shown for your lords
counter and map scale change the map correctly at all times
added option for pins and fairies to default to unassigned
lords of dead kings now have a skull displayed against them
removed "..." from select/move/delete/add options
added mounted/on foot to tool tip
added mounted/on foot filter


Version 1.73 Download
fixed caravans and armies crashing the bottom panel
added DisableMUButtons as an option for disabling the buttons on the main game page
fixed CentreCounter option not being saved correctly
optimised the map draw by reorganising the filter code
connect to help by default
view help is a default panel
added toggle map option
added view time to show night/dawn


Version 1.72

fixed map scaling and counter scaling causing a crash when not initialsed
fixed targets from not being selectable above everything else
added disabling of unwanted m/mu buttons

Version 1.71
Added Font preference for lord name
Added Liege Shield option - display all lords as their lieges shield
Added counter scale option
Added scale map view!
Added View Name option - toggle lord names
Unified various counter graphics sizes
Added automatic marking and viewing area visited areas
Added automatic marking and viewing area seeked areas
Added user marking of seeked locations
Added user marking of visited locations
Added recording in the campaign file, marked locations
Added lords being marked as yours when you select them from the game menu
Fixed ':' in game titles
Added lord list at the bottom of the map page, for the current select location.
Changed lord filter to display options and moved a few more options in there
Added Save Map as Image
Tidied up recent file list
Added expanding select option
Added move counter option
Added centre on lord/location option
Added new layout for panels, user can now choose which panels to display
Added expand panel option
Fixed the removal of other lords armies and caravans during an update
Added storage and retrieval of the all the application window settings
Added time and look direction for lords on tooltip and status bar
Added time to the lord filter
Added player select to the allies lists

Version 1.70

Added Find Place Dialog - allows you to find and highlight locations and domains

Added Filter Lords Dialog - Turn on and off various display options and apply criteria for lord selection.

Added the option to toggle vertical or horizontal main window

Fixed missing option on the strength selectors

Added Strength and Courage to tooltips and status bar

Added quick options for adding Fairies/Horses/Wolves

Pins are now automatically assigned to the player

Added Vassals Button

Added Defeats Button

Added Victories Button

Added Help Page

Updated Allies Info Page

Added lord name to select option

Fixed doubling up of caravans and armies


Version 1.68

Fixes crash caused by selection off the top of the map.

Fixes "Find Lord" and "place lord here" dialog. Now always loads correct lords.

Fixes Ahead & Here buttons broke by the latest M/MU update.

Fixes shields directories to conform with latest M/MU update.

Shield loading now much cleaner.

Map now updates to show correct shields after an update shield.

Includes Middlegate map.


Version 1.67
Fixes problems caused by unknown scenario maps. All games should now work. 


Version 1.66
Fixed last update! New install with missing config was broken. 


Version 1.65
Added Last used Map Options being saved to config
Added support for more than 4 players in the config screen
Added "Centre Lords"
Added "/\" characters to the list of invalid filename characters


Version 1.64
Fixes "Creating new campaigns" - crashes in newly created campaigns.
Fixes "Add Target" incorrect drag position.

(Delete any campaigns created with the previous version that crash the app, and allow it to create them again)


Version 1.63
Fixed username requirement bug.
Added "Add Caravan" to menu
Added graphic type for pins ( allows you to set "fairy","horses" etc.. )
Added comment to all counter types.
Added Caravan "stores" property
Added Army "stores" property
Added "Add Target" to targets, allowing you to chain targets together.
Added "Unlink Target" to remove a target from a chain
Added "Insert Target" to insert a new target into the chain
Added direction Arrows on targets
Targets now automatically go into move mode when added.
When dragging a lord/target onto a target you are asked if you wish to move onto the next target.


Version 1.62
Added DDR support.
Added View Races option
Added Check for Shields config option *
Added update Shields option
Fixed forum config problem
Fixed deleting Pins
Now displays lord's race correctly ( may require new games )

* because there are so many lords in DDR and they have no shields at present... MUCM was taking a long time to load and to load games as it tried to download shields. Shield downloading now defaults to off. You can "Update Shields" at any time


Version 1.61
1. Mouse Wheel on the map
2. Added Caravans
3. Pin ( Add a pin with a comment to the map )
4. Recent File List
5. Cleanup/Update/Fix the logon/update process
6. Add some scrollbar fix code
7. Cleanup/Update/Fix army download code.
8. Tidied up Status bar information
9. Added tooltips ( Allowing information quickly with just a mouse hover )
10. Added "auto connect option"
11. Made forum connect and option
12. Fixed Games List problem
13. Added forum address option
14. Fixed shield download code ( should now always get the shield )
15. Added Courage and Strength to lords
16. Added Select option to lords from the map ( Updates the game window )
17. Diplomacy Button
18. Victories Button