Step By Step

User Info

The Map Screen



Step by Step

The first time that you run campaign manager you will be prompted to enter your User Info.



You should fill this out according to your requirements. [ further info ]


However for the first time it is worth leaving blank and clicking on OK. You will then be presented with the main application window. If you have set the Auto Connect to Server option then proceed to [ - Login - ]



- Connect -


Off the Midnight/MU menu you should select connect. This will connect the application to the Midnight/MU server. Note: Campaign Manager as no internet dial up options. You should be connected to the internet in your normal way.


Note: You only need to connect Campaign Manager to the Midnight/MU server if you wish to get news games or play your games within the application.



- Login -

After connecting, the main window will display the normal Midnight/MU login window. You should type in your Midnight/MU user name and password and select login as you would if viewing the site through your normal browser. If you have set the Auto Login option and have typed in your Username and Password in the options you will not see this screen.



- Connecting -

As campaign manager is connecting, the main window will display the Midnight/MU member section, and a small server update window will popup. In this window you will see information that is being downloaded from the server. This is usually new games and shield graphics.



The update window looks like this.



- Load Game -

When the server update window has gone away you will be left with the main Midnight/MU My Active Games page.



You can start to load in any of your locally cached campaigns. Select Open of the File menu.

Locally cached campaigns hold the details that you have changed for the game, like the positions of your opponents lords. When you load in a game these details are displayed in the map window.



And then choose one of your locally stored campaigns.



You will then see the map window, which will show you all the information about your game. If you have set the Connect on Load option, then during this stage Campaign Manager will check with the Midnight/MU server for updates to your campaign. The updates that you get will only be about your lords. So their positions and soldier numbers, and other factual information can be downloaded to your local campaign. If there is information to receive you will be prompted if you wish to update or not.


If you have not set the Connect on Load option then you must force the update manually by selection Update Game from the Midnight/MU menu.