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Register for a Midnight/MU user account

You must be a registered user to play Midnight/MU. Please fill in the details below - your password will be automatically generated and sent to you. Once registered here, you must also register on the forums (details will be supplied once your have created your gaming account). Failure to also register on the forums will may lead to your account being suspended or even deleted. This is to help us track duplicate account holders and spam-bots.
Please note: User Names should either be your own name, or something that is in keeping with the spirit of existing Midnight games. Please do not use Yahoo/Hotmail type user account names. For example:
- Caesar would be fine since it is the name of a military leader, as would something like Elekith (LOM ending)
- kuledude would be bad (as well as terribly embarassing!)
Players who chose "Bad" names will be asked to change them. As this makes work for the Admins, please chose wisely ;)

Only one account is allowed per player. Players registering more than one account ("Duplicate" accounts) will have their accounts suspended, and may be barred permanently. IP logging *and* other techniques are used to identify duplicates, so please do not abuse the system
User Name: Username must be between 5-15 letters. Use underscores instead of spaces. No numbers please.
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Allow e-Mail alerts? To receive e-Mail alerts when you are invited to play a game, or when it is your turn to play

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