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Victory Conditions

Victory goes to a player (or team) whenever one of the following conditions (depending on which parameters have been set at game creation) is met:

All enemy pretenders have been slain or resigned the game
Citadel Grab
A predefined number of citadels have garrisons belonging to a player (or team)
Time Limit
The player or team who has the most impact on the world after a predefined number of game-days has passed
First Blood
The first pretender has been slain; the player who slew him is the winner

Time limit

Player's impact on the gameworld is assessed, taking into account

  • enemy king killed: huge
  • lord alive: considerable
  • enemy lord killed: some
  • citadel garrison: some
  • keep garrison: small
  • lord dead: small negative
  • king dead: huge negative

Your current standing is given on the Bloody Hand of Battle screen, along with the number of days remaining in the campaign. The description of your standing, in the eyes of the denizens of the land, will vary depending on how well you are doing in comparison to the leader. Expressed in the number of lords under your command in comparison to the current leader, the difference is described as follows:

  • 0 (leading): You are most suitable for the throne
  • 1: You are a rival for the throne
  • 2: You are a strong contender for the throne
  • 3 - 4: You are a valid contender for the throne
  • 5 - 7: Some consider you a strong contender for the throne
  • 8 - 10: Some consider you a valid contender for the throne
  • 11 - 14: No-one considers you a serious contender for the throne
  • even more: Your pretensions for the throne are considered hilarious

The standing of your opponents can be learned by reading a Scroll of Enlightenment. Also, the above is just a guide in terms of the amount a recruited, living lord is worth; your rival(s) may have more or fewer lords than you but have more kills and/or garrisoned strongholds, which may put them ahead of you.