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Lords of Midnight

This game scenario holds true to the essence of the original game and provides a large enough map for 8 players. Additional lords have been added and some minor adjustments to the map have been made to balance the spread of forces. This is a Large scenario and can prove to be challenging for even the most experienced of players.

Doomdark's Revenge

Doomdark’s Revenge was the second game in the series and had some new terrain features, such as fog. This is one of the largest maps in Midnight/MU and provides enough space for a very strategically challenging campaign to take place. There are some unique valleys and hills that can provide both a tactical advantage and challenge. All of the main races are represented here with the Foul (known as Icelords) comprising the largest contingent and the Free a paltry few.

Sun's End

This is a very small training scenario, designed for new players to get acquainted with the game. That doesn't mean some fierce wars weren't fought on it, just bear in mind it's more down to luck then skill. The terrain was created by Matija and populated by Jean-Yves (Sparrowhawk).


This Scenario is the next level in size and complexity to Sun’s End, Designed to be a short training game and is a good introduction to all races for newer players. It can also be a quick game for experienced players.

The Lost City

This was an attempt to make a more 'difficult' scenario than LOM, using narrow passages through mountains, guarded by strongholds, as choke points. Impassable mountains option will accentuate that feature.

It was also meant to be somewhat labyrinthine and disorienting in its design - the map of the land was released only after the players had time to thoroughly explore it on their own.

Some statistics: 61 lords (19 Free, 9 Fey, 5 Targ, 10 Foul, 3 Skulkrin, 2 each of Dwarves and Giants, 7 Wise, 4 Dragons), 22 citadels, 35% plains, 28% mountains, 13% forests, 7% downs. LOM-sized.

Created by Matija.

The Circle

The Circle, created by Bill Hoggett (aka Celebaglar), is a medium sized scenario aimed at introducing players to advanced features such as expanses of water, ships, ports and swamps. It is intended to be played with mountains being impassable to all except dwarves and flying creatures.

The Quadrant of Five

From the devious imagination of Charlie (Tigon), The Quadrant of Five was born out of a discussion regarding the lack of a "medium-sized" competition scenario. It was the expressed wish of several people to see a map roughly 40 leagues square that was fairly well populated and offered a number of strategies to win. The result was a quartered land with a central open no-man's-land.

The Rift

A second scenario from Charlie (Tigon), The Rift is a very large scale map designed to be a stepping stone on the path to The Citadel. It introduces terrain variants and is the first map to openly mix in landscape features from both Midnight and the Icemark. A number of large kingdoms or realms comprise the bulk of the scenario, each with multiple lords and ladies, and these are spread across three landmasses divided by the waters of the Pale Sea and the Rift Sea. This scenario was co-produced with Lunagh and Brandal the Ur.

The Foul Return

The Foul Return is an attempt by Franck (Idaho) to have, for ladder tournament purpose (2 players’ games), a very well balanced medium sized scenario with water that minimize starting position and maximize player’s strategy and game play.

The land is mainly inhabited by 6 races mostly located in their own domain (Fey, Giants, Dwarves, Free, Targ and Foul of course). Foul and Fey are the most numerous then Free, Targ, Giants and Dwarves.

The scenario has been designed to be played in advanced mode as well as in normal one and impassable mountains as well as passable ones, but the best way to play it is using the first 2.

Some new graphics are used in this scenario, for locations or lords.

The story of the land co-written with Jean-Yves (Sparrowhawk) and François (Lord_Sido) gives some clues about locations of some lords.


A gloriously chilly scenario from the imaginations of our finest pixel-crafter Lunagh (aka Richard Neville). Sumptuous scenery, a completely new set of characterisations for the denizens of the Wintermarch, a fantastic map and a great back story make this one of, if not the favourite maps of M/MU. And all without a dragon actually recruitable in the land!

The Brave Warlords

Brandal the Ur (aka Ralph) has managed to produce a scenario that plays like the original Lords of Midnight but with great use of the extended terrain and character graphics introduced in [The Rift] and Winterwyrd. Some complex landscape formations make for a smaller-scale Icemark feel as well. All-in-all a map that works very well and feels very much part of the Midnight landscape.

The Northern Reaches

The first scenario from the Golden Wolf Luiandlui (aka Mike Melvin). It is an unusual map, being stretched east-west to the extent that it plays twice as long along that axis. The central Darkstar River breaks up the landscape into two very distinct areas with a further two main waterways dividing off sections in the further reaches. Central to the theme of the scenario is the imprisonment of the infamous Tarazar, the Evil Lord of Quuotoz.

Welcome the Waki!


Vulcania is the second scenario from Franck (Idaho). It is a large scale map that has a central volcanic theme reflected in the terrain and character imagery.

The land is divided into several realms centred around the Foul Realm of Korosh. All the other realms have tried to survive and have gained some new vigour since Free armies arrived to help.

Rivers can help you to move faster as well as seas.

The scenario has been designed to be played in advanced mode and impassable mountains, but other modes are great too.

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