The People and Creatures

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The lands of M/MU are populated with a variety of people and special creatures. These fall under the following main categories:

  • Recruitable Lords of playable races
  • Non-playable but recruitable characters
  • Non-playable and non-recruitable creatures

All Lords and recruitable characters posses specific character traits. The main difference between Lords and the other recruitable characters is that Lords can command armies.

Lords of Playable Races

These are recruitable characters located around the map in scenario-specific locations who are able to command armies and belong to one of the following Races:

  • Free
  • Foul
  • Targ
  • Fey
  • Marsh Fey
  • Dwarf
  • Giant

The above races are called playable, because whenever you start a game in M/MU and depending on the scenario and parameters set at game creation, you can choose one of those races for your King. Your king is similar in most ways to a Lord of the same race.

For a detailed description of each race see The Races of Midnight/MU.

Recruitable Characters

The following characters can be recruited in the games (depending on the scenario):

  • Skulkrin
  • Dragons
  • Wise
  • Werewolves

Non-recruitable creatures

When wondering the lands of M/MU one can come accross the following non-recruitable creatures:

  • Horses: When you seek in a location containing horses, then an equal number (as the number of horses) of warriors in your army become riders. If your lord is on foot, then he is the first one to ride a horse, so the number of warriors becoming riders is number of horses-1. Note that the Ride/Walk button is used to switch the horse from one of the lord's riders to a lord and vice-versa (number of warriors will increase/decrease by 1). Horses can be dismounted anywhere. If this occurs at a strongold or settlement they get corralled and become available to anyone who comes seeking, otherwise they are released and lost.
  • Wild and domesticated animals: These include wolves, bears, sheep, deer, cattle etc. These may provide food or a potential obstacle (or challenge) to lone travellers. Armies are unaffected and will neither be impeded or helped by encountering wild animals.
  • Fairies: These exist only in the forests and are VERY USEFUL. By Seeking on a location with a fairy you get three things: a) A new day, b) become Utterly Courageous and c) Become Utterly Invigorated. Once you use a fairy it disappears, so use them wisely. Fairies are randomly placed after the start of each game.