Slaying Your Enemies

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In order to slay your enemies and claim a hard earned victory, more often than not you need to engage your recruits in battles with other lords an characters. The outcome of those battles depends on a variety of factors such as:

Some important rules you need to remember are the following:

  • Riders generally inflict more damage than warriors. Cavalry supremacy over infantry is removed in strongholds and mountains, and severely reduced in ruins and forests and on downs
  • Dragons, Werewolves, and (in a lesser degree) Wise can inflict a lot of damage to each opponent lord in a battle
  • Giants and Dwarves are better fighters than warriors of other races (except Wise, Werewolves and Dragons).
  • Defending armies receive a bonus when fighting in a citadel (and a smaller bonus when fighting in a keep).
  • When in a battle, you can't use the seek button, you can't garrison a keep, you can’t disband your army, but you can eat stores if they are available on the same location (ie caravan or garrison).
  • When you enter a battle, if the next day you don't move away, you still remain in battle mode.
  • Kings get a small bonus when in battle.
  • Lords of same race as their king get additional bonus in battle
  • Heroes get king bonuses and have advantage in duels
  • When entering a battle you immediately get Night (i.e. can't do anything else that day)
  • Battles on plains will cause slightly more casualties and those in mountains and forests will cause slightly less
  • Wise are tougher at towers, Skulkrin at henges
  • Dragons have less effect in strongholds and hesitate to slay kings
  • Skulkrin use poisoned weapons
  • Garrisons get first strike in battles