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In order to stand a chance to win the game, you should carefully devise a recruitment plan depending on your starting position. The general rules for recruitment are as follows:

  • Anyone can recruit any other Neutral recruitable lord and this action takes 2 hours, with the following exceptions:
    • Dragons can't recruit anyone (not even other dragons)
    • Skulkrin and Werewolves can recruit others but takes them very long (5-6 hours)
    • Recruiting someone of the same race as the recruiter always takes 1 hour.
    • Advanced Recruiting was chosen as game option - special rules apply.
  • You can’t recruit a neutral lord if enemy units are also present, with the following exceptions:
    • Heroes can recruit even when enemies are present
    • skulkrin can recruit a neutral lord in the presence of enemy caravan
  • When an opponent’s King is dead, his recruited lords gradually become neutral again. Generally, it takes 1 day for terrified lords to become neutral, 9 days for UC lords. The calculation is actually (courage*days)+1 with courage ranging from 0 (terrified) to 8 (utterly courageous). Note that lords don’t turn neutral at the beginning of their allocated turn, (otherwise the first player after that turn would always have had an advantage). The exact player each lord turns neutral for, is selected at random.
  • When an opponent’s King is dead, garrisons belonging to his lords convert to neutral, at the same time the corresponding lord is converted to neutral.
  • As a game option you can define if recruited lords start a) with the same hours left as their recruiter, b) at night or c) at dawn (not really advised as it can create a domino effect).