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The Races of Men



The humans of Midnight are renowned for their determination and hardiness, the long years of winter have assured this. They are the most numerous of all the races and are good recruiters. Their fighting style is best suited to the plains where many epic battles against the Foul have taken place.

Even while they lack any more obvious advantages, they are often chosen as a player race because their numbers insure the greatest part of the army is heartened by their sovereign's support, giving them an edge in large battles.



The years of living under the iron fist of Doomdark and his commanders has left a mark on the people of the north, and brutality and harsh welcome is all that strangers can expect. Acts of cruelty, especially to a defeated enemy is the norm although in every village there are still a few who understand the idea of humanity. They are at an advantage when fighting on plains, and Foul pretenders and heroes can reduce their enemy's courage upon a successful strike.



The Targ are the rulers of the plains... These nomadic barbarians live on horseback, and are very fast riders. They are often stubborn and independent-minded, and mostly neutral when it comes to the affairs of Free and Foul.

While they prefer to roam the wide open plains, they are very uncomfortable in enclosed forests.

The Fey Races



The Fey are similar in many ways to the Free, with whom they often live in harmony, but they are more slender and agile and live in better harmony with their beloved forest environment. Because of this the Fey are superlative forest fighters and move with great ease amongst the trees.

Marsh Fey


The Marsh Fey are descended from another branch of the Fey, but after centuries of dwelling in swamps they have become specialised in this environment. They move through such areas with ease and do not contribute to the possibility of disease so they can seriously fortify any swamp position they choose to defend. However, living in swamps has had an effect on their culture and personality and made them unusually sullen and cruel for the Fey races. They have also developed an aversion for horses and refuse to even attempt to ride them.

Outside the swamps, the Marsh Fey can still move reasonably well through forests, a characteristic inherited from their ancestors. However, their refusal to ride makes them somewhat pedestrian in open ground.

The Dwarves



Short-legged but sturdy, these mountain creatures like to hide in the mountains and downs. Unlike other races, they can pass through mountainous areas at great speed, and even when mountains are totally impassable they are still able to do so.

Due to their affinity for earth and rock they feel very uneasy on horseback, which is why they always prefer to walk on foot. Never has a dwarf been seen mounting a horse.

Dwarves love gold, and are very apt at collecting it, so that it is rumoured that their citadels house great treasures.




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Skulkrin can be rogues in games played with advanced options.

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Ice Trolls


Almost as large as Giants, the Ice Trolls are brutish, violent beings with no true sense of honour, loyalty or morality. They live for killing and plunder and prefer to attack those who are considerably weaker than they are. Lacking any form of lore of their own, they are in awe of the abilities of the Wise and therefore they are the only ones who can command a troll's obedience.

Ice Trolls prefer isolated mountain regions and stay away from settlements and strongholds unless they are raiding.

Sentient Creatures



Dragons are fearsome, arrogant creatures with a love of gold even though they are unable to carry it themselves.

Because they can fly, terrain make no difference to them and they can traverse long distances in a single day. They have also been known to carry a wise on their back. They can fly over all terrains including water, but they should always be over dry land at night (except when engaged in battle) or else they fall into the water and have to swim for shore, exhausting themselves in the process and exposing themselves to attack.

Dragons require raw meat and can't use normal troop rations. They burn a lot of energy quickly and without food, take a long time to recover from their exertions.

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