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How characters move around

Each playable and /or recruitable character begins his turn at dawn and has one game day to move. One game day = 7hours. After that, a character is at night and can’t perform any more actions

Lords and caravans can be grouped under one commander (Cede Command button) and moved en masse by moving the commander, so that it isn't necessary to move each individual lord when they share a common destination. Time is synchronised with movement, so everyone will be at the same time after they have moved, however, other actions like seek or consume do not immediately synch the time. Notice that, when your King is present in a group, he is the only one able to take command.

Each horizontal or vertical movement takes 1 hour for an army of only riders if no bonuses or penalties are imposed. A diagonal movement under the same conditions takes 1.4 hours. If there are warriors in an army it takes 25% more of what it would take if the army only had riders.

The landscape also has implications on characters' movement (see Terrain effects on Movement).

The Interface

When moving around, the information box will tell you if there is something in a square adjacent to your current location. By turning around with the arrows or with the direction buttons (North, NE, E,...) you will look at what lies ahead. By pressing the Ahead button you get more info on what lies in front (including information on enemy lord's status and number of armies). By pressing the Move button you move one square towards the direction you are looking.

The top window gives you a panoramic view of what is ahead (landscaping). You can't see between forests, mountains and generally other objects very well, so this is quite realistic. Enemy's armies appear as 3 different graphics, depending on the number of troops. Lonely lords (i.e. ones not carrying armies) can only be seen from an adjacent location.