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Caravans / Stockpiles:

  • A caravan can only be created at a citadel with more than 200 gold pieces
  • Caravans move at the same pace as an army of warriors with no penalties or bonuses imposed. An exception to that is that caravans move slower than an army of warriors in forests.
  • Caravans cannot cross mountains
  • Caravans can transfer stores to and from keeps and citadels, and between themselves (synchronising their times).
  • A lord can capture an enemy caravan (if it is not guarded by an enemy lord) if his courage is more than Unsure, and if he carries an army of more than 50 men.
  • Caravans can’t look ahead (use the “Ahead” button), so they are less efficient spies than lonely lords (they don't get information on enemy's status and number of armies). (Note that by hovering the mouse pointer over an enemy, a caravan gets an estimate of opponent’s numbers which may or may not be correct).
  • Caravans do not find Blood of Courage or Thorns of Despair when seeking at special locations. They can however find shelter at villages.
  • You can disband a caravan, but only if it has zero stores and if the caravan is not at night.
  • Caravans can be set to allow allies to consume stores from their supplies. An asterisk (*) will appear against the store amount in the “Also Here” list if you can consume their stores
  • Whenever an enemy garrison is killed. a stockpile is produced which is neutral, but unlike caravans it cannot move, it cannot be recruited, and it does not prevent the creation of a garrison at the same location. Goods from it can also be taken by any passer by, regardless of allegiance. When a garrison is created at the same location as the stockpile, the contents of the stockpile are transferred to the garrison and the stockpile is destroyed. A stockpile is also destroyed if it is emptied. Stockpiles have no graphic and cannot be seen from outside the stronghold


Disease has a 90% chance of striking when a total of more than 10,000 men (or four full armies in case of advanced games, subject of leadership trait) are located in the same location, if and only if these men belong to lords under your command and/or lords allied to you. When an enemy lord (or enemy garrison) is also present disease doesn't strike. Vassal/allied garrisons, Lords themselves and caravans do NOT count towards this limit of 10001. When disease strikes, a percentage of your troops die overnight.

Notice that friendly Wise (healers and master healers) reduce the chance of disease striking and its effect when it does strike.

In swamps the disease threshold is 2,500 men (or one full army in advanced games) at the same location, but Marsh Fey are exempt from this count.

Treasuries and Gold:

Gold is generated in garrisoned citadels. Depending on the size of the garrison, a certain amount of gold pieces is generated each turn. Dwarven garrisons produce more gold than other races. Gold can be moved from one place to another. Any lord except dragons can carry gold, with caravans being able to carry much more than individual characters. Only garrisons can actually spend the gold, and for the time being caravans are the only item that can be purchased.

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