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Welcome to Midnight/MU, a setting for glorious battles, devious deeds and subtle magic. A world of dragons, men and little furry skulkrin. May your shield be strong, your sword true and your wits sharp for your enemies are many and they are coming!

Midnight/MU is a turn-based strategy war game largely based on Mike Singleton's classic 1980's computer games Lords of Midnight and Doomdark's Revenge. Also referred to as M/MU, it can be played by 2-8 players who compete to be named as ruler of the land. It is possible to make alliances with other players and fight together to defeat your enemies before turning on each other or play the game in predetermined teams, where co-operation lasts throughout the game. Each player can take part in a number of games at the same time and since turns are sequential - a player must wait for the previous one to complete his moves before he can make his - the game can be played at whatever pace suits the players. There is no need to log in at regular intervals or risk missing out on important events.

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Unlike the original, in M/MU you start out with just one character - your "king" - and his army. As in the original you then need to travel the land and recruit characters and their armies who will then aid you in your fight against your enemies. Game characters come from several races (Free, Foul, Fey, Targ etc.) with each race having specific characteristics that give its members special abilities. Therefore Targ make for good horsemen and love the wide open plains, the Fey are masters of the forests and Dwarves rule in the mountains. On your travels through Midnight you will meet familiar characters like Luxor, Morkin and Rorthron as well as some new faces. Since your adversaries are other players, your enemies will be far more devious and unpredictable than anything found in the original games.

Midnight/MU is a web-based multi-player version of the 1984 ZX Spectrum game, "The Lords of Midnight".

In the original game, you played Luxor the Moonprince in his quest to overthrow the evil sorceror lord, Doomdark.

Using the revolutionary "billboarding" technique, you could traverse the landscape of Midnight in pseudo-3D, and as you recruited allies, you could send them off on their own quests, and view the landscape from their eyes too.

For a more detailed description of the original game, please visit the the leading Lords of Midnight site, the Icemark

Midnight/MU is a multi-user game based on the original, but being multi-user/multi-player means that a new dimension has been opened up to long-time LOM fans. Although the original graphics and the original LOM and DDR maps are included, all the code is new, and new maps/scenarios have been added. In addition, the LOM and DDR scenarios have seen some geographical changes and a host of new characters...

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