Getting Started

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So you're ready to play? Let's start:

  1. MU stands for Multi User, meaning that you need an opponent to play the game. To get one, register on the forum and advertise a game request in the Dating Agency. There are usually plenty of players who are willing to guide beginners through their first steps. We would also appreciate it if you introduced yourself in the Personal Details thread.
  2. In order to start a game, you also need to register on the game site.
  3. On the Members tab of the game site use:
  1. My Details to choose your game preferences
  2. My Shield to upload the shield design your king will bear in the game - read how to make one, or find a friendly shieldsmith to forge it to order in Shields for Sale thread of the forum
  3. Game Options to choose how you see the land (LOMColour by Lunagh being recommended)
  4. New Game to create a new game or
  5. Invitations to accept one

Some helpful things to do:

  1. Read the manual at the library section of the game site. It is currently a bit outdated, but it provides a really good idea of the objectives of the game (for the ones who haven’t heard of Lords of Midnight before) and its mechanics. Work is under way to create a new manual. Note that the mixed army bug that the manual mentions has been long fixed.
  2. Read the change log at the main game site in order to be up to date with implemented changes
  3. Read the Help section of the forum (there are some useful sticky subjects there)
  4. Read the Strategy section of the forum
  5. Read some journals from ended games
  6. Download and Install Chris’ and Franck's excellent MU Campaign Manager program to help you keep track of your campaigns. NOTE: This program reveals the exact starting locations of all the lords in a scenario, so if you feel like exploring around and locating new lords yourself, then don’t use MUCM for a while!
  7. Once a game starts, you can use the Map Room button to gain access to the map. Spoiler mode reveals the location of lords. You can discuss your game and ask questions in the Active Games part of the forums.