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Classic Mode

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The Classic Mode is the ideal mode for Midnight/MU novices and those players who felt that the complexity level of version 1.2.4 was at the upper limit of what they would like to play in Midnight/MU. In essence, this is v1.2.4 with only a few minor additions.

The Classic Mode is mostly under a feature freeze from this point onwards with the exception of interface enhancements.

Advanced Mode

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The Advanced Mode contains almost all the new game features available in the game, thus presenting a whole new challenge for experienced players. The features in this mode are designed to complement each others as much as possible, so this should provide a balanced if complex game world to battle over.

Future feature expansions will most likely only affect Advanced Mode.

Custom Mode

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The Custom Mode allows individual selection of Advanced Mode features. However, no guarantee is given that any specific combination of features will provide a balanced environment to play in, so this option should only be exercised by those players with a thorough understanding of the game mechanics.

The Custom Mode will also allow for more eccentric features, such as turning off dragons altogether.

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